How it works

Watching this Video: Transforming your business into Global and producing income for life.

Welcome to!  Our mission is put sound investment strategies into the hands of ordinary people to provide extraordinary opportunities.  A2ZInvest is here to help you turn the banking and securities world to your advantage.  Why allow the banking industry, credit agencies, auto dealers, mortgage companies, HOAs and even landscapers set the value and the price for what we need and how we pay for it?  A2ZInvest is designed to help you take back control of the deal. 

From the developers of Alibaba competitor, the world’s largest e-commerce search engine, A2ZInvest brings the disruptive capacity of UBER, AIRBNB, FACEBOOK, AMAZON to your smartphone.   We are here to help you turn your spending into life-savings.   One dollar invested in Uber 6 years ago would be worth $5000 today.  It’s never too late to start investing in your family’s future.  We show you how and where to save.  We help you spot new investment trends and we show how to make smart decisions on the fly. 

Imagine having access to a system that allows you to use the principles of compound interest in everyday transactions converting saving into your own investment system. 


A2ZInvest will show you how the simplest expenditures of buying that morning cup of coffee to hiring a landscaping job for your home can be turned into savings and earning.   By simply using A2Z 10% of what you spend will be rewarded back to you automatically as Savings Points (sort of like frequent flyer miles only much better).  You can redeem your points in exchange for company shares at a rate of $1 per share prior to the IPO.  That right.  Every Saver can be a shareholder.
At we allow you to take advantage of doing business with us while you own a piece of the company.  We help you build a nest egg by working together to help you create an income stream for life.


  • Step #1 Introduction to A2ZINVEST (Click to Watch this Video)
    This advanced platform is designed to help all users realize financial freedom.  The system will grow with your needs without limits.  Every action, every purchase, every time you save the platform rewards you.   You can earn your way to financial freedom, A2Z just shows you the way.  Benjamin Franklin turned $1,000 into $6.5 Million over 200 years through compound interest techniques while Uber accomplished the same result in a short six-year timeframe. With the same techniques and a little help from our system of AI and new technology, we will share these secrets with you.  We have two roles in this universe #1 as CONSUMER and #2 as PROVIDERS.  
  • A2ZInvest wants to create a smarter consumer.  We waste billions in poor situational transactions every day from car loans to home purchases.  A2Z will provide the information and the system to minimize personal loss and waste.  
  • Start building your “POINTS” toward your Financial freedom. This platform is designed to recognize YOU in both roles as CONSUMER as well as PROVIDER.
  • The App is free and the benefits immense.  Sign up and submit a service you provide and the system will match you to the demand tasks.


  • Step #2 How does A2zinvest work for the user? (Click to Watch this Video)
    We introduce you to PROVIDERS
       Answer a few specific questions about what you need.
    •    We’ll share those details with experienced professionals who can complete your project.
    •    We’ll keep your email and phone number private, so no spam.
    Compare professionals
    Within hours, interested and available professionals will pay to send you custom quotes. You’ll receive up to 5 quotes to your inbox. Each one includes:
    •    Estimate
    •    Customer reviews
    •    Contact info
    •    Personalized message
    •    Business profile
    Hire the best professional
    •    Call or message professionals if you need more information.
    •    When you’re ready, hire an experienced professional at a price that’s right for you.

Then you earn your reward points per your participation, everybody WIN.


  • Step #3 How does A2zinvest work for Provider? (Click to Watch this Video)
    We send you customer requests
       Customers come to A2zinvest looking to hire professionals to help them complete their personal projects
    •    They answer specific questions about their needs
    •    We review every customer request to ensure it’s legitimacy
  • You decide who to respond to
       We send the customer request via email or text message to experienced professionals like you
    •    If you are interested and qualified, you can respond by sending a quote
  • Send a quote
       Your custom quote includes a personal message and a price estimate
    •    We automatically send your A2zinvest profile containing past work, your qualifications, contact information, and reviews with your quote
    •    You pay only when you send a quote with A2zinvest credits
  • Get hired, and let us know!
       Typically, 1–2 other professionals will also respond. The customer compares quotes and decides who to contact
    •    You and the customer work out the details through A2zinvest, over the phone, or in person
    •    When you’re hired, please let us know and improve your chances of winning your next customer!
    •    Then you earn your reward points per your participation, everybody WIN.


Write clear and professional messages.
Your message is the customer’s first impression of you. Make it a good one! Be sure to address any issues the customer raised and respond to their specific needs. Set a competitive price and be clear what your price includes and what you can or cannot do. Finally, pay attention to the small things: address the customer by name, make sure not to make spelling or grammar mistakes, and sign your name at the end.
Give an estimate.
Customers are more likely to hire professionals who provide a basic idea of price. Your quote doesn't have to be a final number; it can change as you learn more about the job. Tell customers exactly what the quote includes. Then let customers know how the price may change and what the variables are. If applicable, offer to match others on price for the same tasks. Or if you quoted a higher price than the industry norm, explain why.
Get reviews
Professionals with 1 review get hired 66% more than pros with no reviews. Professionals with 5 or more reviews get hired 75% more than pros with no reviews. Customers show our reviews are a major factor in their decision of who to hire. Take the time to ask your customers to write reviews. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time. In fact, research has shown that reviews that are not 100% positive are more credible.
Build a winning profile.
Customers are looking for experienced professionals. Your profile is where you show them that you’re the one for the job.
Make an emotional connection with the customer by adding a photo of yourself – be sure to show your smiling face. Exhibit what you can do by including images and videos of your past work. Consider using a professional photographer to really show off your work.
Then, demonstrate your expertise and credentials by describing your experience and skills. And build trust by adding a professional license, doing a background check, or linking to your website and social media profiles.
Don’t give up!
Many pros have doubled or even tripled the size of their businesses by simply responding consistently to customer requests.  For most professional companies on A2zinvest, it takes around 10 tries to get their first hire. You will succeed, too – by being persistent and experimenting to see what works. Write different types of messages; ignore requests that don’t seem like a good fit – learn what works for you.
Then you earn your reward points per your participation toward your financial freedom, everybody WINS.